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Lessons That Every Child Should Learn

When you have kids there are things that every kid should learn to help them throughout life.  While you try to teach kids these things they may not always stick with them but at least you try.

Five things that I hope my kids learn would be:

  1. Be kind to others, it is so important especially this day and age when it feels like people and kids are losing site of this.
  2. Get your education and finish college. While personally I am working on going back to school and finish getting my degree I regret not doing it years ago. I try to instill this in my kids and encourage them to do these things.
  3. Live life to the fullest and have no regrets. This is so important and I think everyone should live by this so that they know they live the most fulfilled life the can.
  4. Don’t talk to strangers is definitely something kids should not do.
  5. Take care of your mind and body, don’t abuse yourself.

These are very simple things that I try to teach my children and hope that they take these values to heart.

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