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Most Disgusting Drink I have ever tasted (It is a Mojito) – Wordless Wednesday

It is kind of pretty but tasted down right gross, it was my sister’s Mojito from Saturday night:

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  1. I actually like those… sorry you didn’t.

  2. Never tried one, but it does look like a pretty drink 🙂 Thanks for hosting today!

  3. I’ve never tried one before, but I hear they are all the rage!

  4. It looks good, but… never had one.

  5. it is pretty. i’ve never tried a mojito

  6. I like the diet Mojito ice tea.

  7. What do they taste like? It looks interesting!

  8. I have to agree, I think it’s the worst tasting alcoholic beverage I have EVER tasted.

  9. A Mojito’s only as good as the rum it’s made with; if you haven’t been to Cuba you haven’t tasted a good Mojito. The cheesecake factory isn’t famous for their alcoholic beverages..

  10. A properly made Mojito is a very good drink, but most bartenders hate making them. A good mojito takes time and skill… Using real cane sugar and soda water, not Sugar syrup and 7-up and as stated in other comments, the Rum is the key, if the bar used cheap rum, you get a horrible mojito.

    To make a great mojito at home, use Sugar in the Raw (one or two packets) several fresh mint leaves, squeeze half a lime over this them use a muddle stick to crush together (and release the flavor of the mint) fill the glass with crushed ice (don’t ask me why, but Crushed is sooo much better) add two ounces of a good rum (the original recipe calls for light rum, but I prefer the flavor of a golden rum, like Pyrat) then fill with Club soda. Garnish with a slice of sugar cane !

  11. they look appealing but taste disgusting imo.

    its really bitter and minty tasting alcohol.


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