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My money in the New Year

The New Year has been all about change and personal goals for me. Some of my goals have been to do well in school this year, spend more time with my children, and focus on my professional goals. But one of my biggest goals has been to manage my finances and money better, because doing that would help me to accomplish some of my dreams.

To work on my managing my money and finances I have done several things like watching my spending, trying to get out of debt, and putting money into savings. These things are important to me get myself fixed financially.

To watch my spending I have curbed back on trips through the fast food line, impulsive in store purchases and even curbed back on my previous lattes and energy drinks. To me that means I am very serious about fixing my money issues.

I have considered doing a number of things to get out of debt. I have thought about paying a little more on my credit card bills and I have thought about personal debt consolidation. The problem with paying more on my bills is that you have to actually have the extra money to pay on the bills. Which at this time I don’t have.  Out of the two debt consolidation appeals to me most because it puts all your bills that are consolidated into one payment a month. This works for me because I do not have to worry about three or more bills to pay at different times of month and can just remember one.

Finally the last thing I am working on is to save more. When I receive money I try to put a little bit of it up even if I can only spare five dollars. While that might not be a lot it all adds up! Just like the few dollars I save by not splurging on impulse buys or extra coffee and energy drinks adds up.

I am hoping that my ideas for my finances and managing money in the New Year work for my family. I am going to do all I can to save, watch my money and learn more about debt consolidation this year.  Hopefully it all works because I have big goals!

What are you guys doing to manage your money, debt and finances this year?

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