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Outdoors Yoga Sounds Fun To Me

As a mother I am a huge fan of yoga pants. I have so many pairs that one would think I was a yoga addict. And while I am currently not, it doesn’t mean that I don’t wish to be. To me Yoga looks like an activity of grace and poise that I am dying to learn about. With great yoga mats it can be done anywhere, even in the beauty of the outdoors.

I can imagine doing a yoga class outdoors in the crisp fall New England air. There would be trees all around, and grass that was still green before the weather really started to change. Probably in a park. I would have a yoga mat from The Clymb.

I would do this comfortably in a pair of Be Up side zipper yoga pants. Because they look comfy and that side zipper gives them a little edge. It makes them trendy and well fun at your outdoors Yoga in the park, you would be the coolest mom there. I know that’s my goal.

Or if you live in Texas like I do, with our glorious two seasons of “wow it’s hot” and “brrr can it be hot again?” The Soybu yoga carpis may be a batter fit for your work out pleasure. And the ones I am personally eyeing are bright pink. They would be so awesome and adorable to wear.

pink yoga capris

But be prepared to shop for the best yoga mats and on the lookout for cheap yoga pants. Now I am on a mission to find a fun outdoor yoga retreat. It would be fun and probably one of the most relaxing workouts I ever had. Now just give me grace and the strength not to fall over. I should also beg for balance. Flexibility for poses. And for my cat not to use the yoga mat as a scratching post. Unfortunately that is what happened to the last one.

Do any of you guys do yoga? Have you ever done it outdoors? It seems like it would be full of serenity and peace.

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  1. Oudoor yoga sounds great just about as the sun shines brighter daily!

  2. I absolutely want AFFORDABLE eco friendly large and lovely fashion!!!!!

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