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When it’s time to get back out in the dating game?

You guys remember when you were nineteen or twenty and it was so easy to find a date. And back then it was so easy to get ready as well. But sometimes life happens and you get tossed back out there and everything is so different. Expectations are different, getting ready rituals are different and honestly your body changes.   In my situation I was thrown back out there at thirty two … [Read more...]

Can You Use A Twitter Account To Save Money On Your Utility Bills?

The harsh winter season is upon us, and millions of Americans are feeling the pinch of plummeting temperatures and the crunch of budget breaking utility bills. Is there any way of preventing the horror of skyrocketing energy costs? Is there a place Americans can turn to in order to get expert advice from industry professionals on how to avoid spending massive amounts of their hard earned money on … [Read more...]

Breathing Clean Air In The Home

Before the summer or winter season, one of the things that you want to do is change the air filter in your heating and cooling system. The filter should be in a location that is easy to get to, and it isn't difficult to change the filter once you know where it's located. There are a few benefits of changing the filter at least twice a year. When you change the air filter in the home, you are … [Read more...]

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design Tips

A beautiful design in any kitchen can have a major impact on the overall feel of the home interior. In any show home, the kitchen will be one of the most stylish rooms, designed to show off the property in its best light, and the same applies for those looking to renovate with a view to selling their home. But for those looking for a liveable kitchen area, suitable for the needs of all the family, … [Read more...]

How Adopting a Dog Could Help Your Family

Can adopting a pet, such as a dog, help bring your family together and make you all feel happier and healthier? It sure can! Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of rescuing a dog's life through adoption. And remember, if you aren't a dog person, there are so many other species of pets available for adoption, from birds and cats, to rodents and reptiles, and they all provide … [Read more...]

Benefits of Putting Up a Fake Christmas Tree

In your memory, childhood Christmases were always accompanied by the scent of a fresh tree that your dad cut down himself. In reality, though, your adult life doesn’t have time for any extra “To Do” list items. Don’t feel guilty about getting a fake tree this year! There are plenty of perks to having a faux tree. 1. You only have to pay for a fake tree once, which beats paying $50 or more for a … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider an Identity Theft Protection Service

Why You Should Consider an Identity Theft Protection Service Identity theft is becoming a more prevalent and widespread problem these days. You likely hear about it in the news regularly, and you may even know someone personally who has had identity theft happen to them. It's become such an issue that professional companies have popped up to help consumers deal with the problem. These … [Read more...]

The biggest deal in European sports

When you live in the States, it’s easy to lose your perspective on sports in the rest of the world. Here, NFL football, Major League Baseball and NBA Basketball hold sway – probably in just about that order. But if you look at Europe soccer (called “football” of course) is really where it’s at. Obviously other sports are big news in different countries, but from a continent-wide perspective, … [Read more...]

A game to get you through the winter evenings

During the summer, the evenings merge with the days and it’s a time that is packed with parties, barbecues, and drinks in the garden. You might go out for the day with the kids and some friends and find that you don’t get home until way after their bedtime because the weather’s been so great. But when the nights start drawing in, and darkness falls at the end of the afternoon, those hours in … [Read more...]

Is there one sport you know loads about?


Is there one sport out there that you’re really into – and that you know more about than the majority of other people? If there is, then it can be quite good fun to see if you can profit from that knowledge – either as a theoretical exercise only – or for real money using mainly free cash. Let me explain… Bookmaking and gambling online is just about the most competitive industry out there. This … [Read more...]