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Please Don’t Let This Be a Sign

Of how this year is going to be.

It is only the second day of school and we already have our first note!

And while I am a bit upset about it, I would be fooling myself if I didn’t expect it at some point this year.

But I am hoping it was just small stuff and maybe they were trying to point those things out early so they did not progress to bigger things throughout the year.

They were basically for blowing spit bubbles and talking. He is a seven year old boy so they tend to like spit and all.

But we had a long talk about it and I really hope that it sticks with him and he doesn’t have a year like he did last year.

It was a long one.

So send me some Hal be good thoughts, he and I can use them.

*He just has mischievous written all of his face don’t he?*

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