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Power at Disney

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

I got my power bill from stream energy rates the other day and it was more than usual because it had been so hot and we had been running the air conditioning all day and all night. I expected a bigger bill, but I couldn’t help but think about places that really use a lot of energy and how much their power bill is. I mean, have you ever thought about what the power bill for somewhere like Disney World is?! It has got to be ginormous. They have all of those rides, lights, and stores that crank up the air conditioner. It has got to be hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. I know that they certainly take in a ton of money at those places, but I never really thought about how much their expenses are every month. I was upset when the ticket cost seventy-five dollars a day, but when you think about how many employees they have, how much utilities are, and how much it costs to insure the place, you ticket is probably priced just about right!

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