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Protecting Our Investment and Environment

When we moved into our dream home, one decision we made was to buy really nice carpets and rugs. With really nice wooden floors in part of the house, it was important to us to set them off well with attractive area rugs. At the same time, the areas with wall-to-wall carpeting get a lot of traffic and we know that it is important to keep them in shape with regular professional cleaning. When we purchased the rugs and carpeting from a reputable vendor, they explained that dirt and grit will work their way into the fibers and greatly increase the rate of wear if not cleaned correctly on a regular basis. They recommended come cleaners, but we decided to research the issue further. Chemicals and Water What we found it that correct carpet cleaning is both an art and a science. The chemicals and water many cleaners use often end up causing more damage than the dirt they remove. Over time, the chemicals build up and the water causes mold and weakening of the fibers if not removed completely. We are very pleased that our search brought us to Green Choice carpet cleaning services. This a professional company with well-trained and certified technicians. They arrive when they say they will, do a great job, and guarantee the results. Most of all, they use totally organic materials that protect our carpets and our environment. We have recommended them to several of our friends and they too are now happy Green Choice customers.

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