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Relax and work

Yes that is one thing I can do, I do that by taking my laptop and heading out to Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte and getting things done. Now if only Starbucks had a play area I could take the kids.

Usually though I go in with a to-do list written on paper and then try my hardest not to be distracted by the people sitting around or coming in and out or be distracted by other factors such as Facebook or Twitter. I try though, and usually it is somewhat successful.
I do love the lattes though even though I can only go when the kids are in school normally.

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  1. sarah davis says:

    me too! I love the pumpkin spice but they really add up in cost so I tend to only get them when I’m having a really bad day!

  2. Nancy Bowers says:

    Relaxing is a state of mind- different for each. One may be stressed by what another finds relaxing 🙂

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