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Sandals for warm weather

I live in Texas and am already feeling the heat creeping upon us as the seasons are changing. It comes quick and before we even realize it we are wearing summer clothes and short pants in March and with that also comes the fun of wearing sandals. Personally I love to wear sandals I especially love to wear them to the beach when we go. I also love all the different styles that are available these days especially from Macy’s like all the ones below:


They have all kinds of sandals for the family besides women’s sandals they have them for children and sandals for men of course. Out of all the ones I looked at I really like the ones above the most especially the blue ones here on the bottom right. They would be perfect for going to the beach and with the heel there is now worry about getting more sand on your feet after cleaning them which drives me the most crazy about going to the beach. I also like some of the others because they can be dressy and worn to summer or spring weddings and look nice. Even other events really like picnics and lunches.

I know that since I have been able to wear shorts the last few days and even last weekend to a theme park here in Texas it is time to go buy some new sandals and break out the ones I already have.

Which pair do you like the most above?

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