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Shopping the Classifieds?

Over the years I have bought and sold many things through classified ads. Some of the things I have bought are couches and washers and dryers when I didn’t have the money to go and buy a brand new one. The best thing I ever bought though was probably a dresser that we refinished that fit into the bedroom really well. I wish we still had it and that I had a photo of it. The point is though is that you can find all kinds of awesome things in classifieds in Canada.

And really besides furniture and appliances I have even bought several cars from classified ads. And most of them were really awesome cars and I got great deals on them by going through the classified ads. In fact some of the best cars I bought were from classified ads and they lasted many years even though they were older cars.

I know of some people who even buy and sell kids toys such as swing sets in classified ads. And since kids items can be expensive I think it is awesome to find great deals in classified ads especially for items that kids may grow out of quickly like bikes and swing sets.

What is the most awesome thing you have bought in a classified ad?

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