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Small appliance love

Saving money has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been thinking about different ways to help me save money and to do more things myself. Getting a couple of new small appliances and doing some things myself may help me to save a bit of money. For example I wonder if getting a juicer would help and provide my family with a more healthy alternative than some store bought juices.

I do actually have several different small appliances and could probably use more like a food dehydrator. I would love to make my own beef jerky especially. I love the stuff and the kids like them. And it would probably because save me money because my kids always ask for jerky at the checkout line we go grocery shopping. So that would be another way that I could save a bit of money.

Another small appliance that could help could be a new blender. I would love to make our own fruit smoothies at home instead of paying $5 or $6 dollars at smoothie shops. But besides small appliances that could save money I also think that an air purifier would be great for our house since we have pets to help get cleaner air.

Thinking about it I wonder what others that I could use, and I am sure by the time I get finished getting all of the different ones I would probably run out of room but I would have fresh air, fresh juice, jerky and all of the smoothies that I can want. My kids really like that and well honestly I would love to have happy healthy kids.

Though I wonder is beef jerky healthy?

I am not sure but hey it is yummy and would have to be better for the kids than candy. I can see it now though jerky and smoothies for after school snacks.

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