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My Boys At The Beach- Wordless Wednesday

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I Went To Galveston And All I Got Was My Ass Slapped

I know most may not laugh about it, but I am kind of snickering about it now. But when it happened it was totally a did that just happen moment. Yeah, getting my ass slapped by a random dude on Seawall Blvd in Galveston was my souvenir from that visit. How did this occur you ask? Well glad you asked. We were parallel parked on the on the side of Seawall because it is the … [Read more...]

Galveston July 10, 2010

My sister, my friend and I are trying to make it a yearly thing to go down to Galveston to the beach every year. So all three of us and all the kids load up and go down. The kids love it and we love it despite that even with sunscreen most of us always get burned. We had a ton of fun and it actually wasn't too terribly hot. And despite the fun we had we were really hoping that we would not … [Read more...]