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Housing Guests Comfortably

Whether you plan to have a weekly rotation of house guests or only want to be prepared if your friends drop in unexpectedly, you should be able to house friends comfortably. It’s surprisingly easy, especially considering how few people don’t know how to do so. Firstly, ditch the pullout couches and never consider buying them. They aren’t comfortable and probably never will be. Every time you … [Read more...]

I really need better sleep

I have probably the most terrible bed ever, it is uncomfortable and it is just basically mattresses and a frame. Seriously my back normally hurts and a new bed is on our wish list, or at least my very very long wish list.  I would love a more plush mattress set like this one from Old Creek Wall Bed Factory, a Murphy bed company. It looks all plushy and soft and that would be perfect for me to get … [Read more...]