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Every Child Should Be Safe #EnergizerCFK #CBias

The most brutal time of year has to be the winter months especially for children. So it is important to help children during the winter months with a survival kit. The Champions for Kids Simple Service Projects help children in need particularly with the Energizer Champions For Kids Service Project. The Energizer Care Kits are put together people who put together a package for children in need. … [Read more...]

Crafting Memories

Truthfully, I may not be the best crafter in the world but  I have fun crafting. To me crafting brings back memories of when I was a child  and frequently made things and “crafted” with my grandmother. She had tons of  things that we could make and was always finding something new for us to do. And  while my own children do have a grandmother that is very similar to mine, she  even has a whole … [Read more...]

Godzilla, huh

Lately my youngest child in particular has been obsessed with all things Godzilla, the especially the old one movies. You know the ones where the speech does not match the peoples lips. He even watches an animated series he found on instant view on Netflix. Well this afternoon in the car an argument interrupted in the car between the two boys one says that Godzilla is just a giant lizard and … [Read more...]

Are baby girls born with bows on their heads?

This had to be one of the best questions I have been asked by one of my kids ever. No idea where he got it from but it was really cute the way he asked it. So I am still on a Charmed kick and am currently in the middle of the fifth season and Hal has gotten a little bit into it here and there. I really just think my seven year old has his first celebrity crush on Alyssa Milano. He talk about her … [Read more...]