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I may just need a tutor….

So I may have mentioned a time or two before but I did start going back to college in the Spring 2011 term. Since then I have spent the last year and half learning at a local junior college. Well my situation has changed and I have transferred to a four-year university a semester sooner than I had anticipated. That means a lot of things. For example learning how a new institution works, new … [Read more...]

Well I Just Finished My First Semester Back

And I totally think that it calls for a big gigantic margarita, really. And yes I purposely overdid those adjectives. I really feel pleased with myself, to have gotten back into it and for doing what I feel like is well for not being in school in over 8 years. So I have one semester down and several more to go. Especially since I switched majors and am basically starting over. I have decided … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – Don’t Know Where To Start

It has been a long and surreal week so far. One of the highlights is I will be going back to college in the very near future to finish my teaching degree. That is so exciting to me and I can't wait to get started. But to make this happen I no longer have a job and it will be ok. It gives me more time to build my blog and to attend school. So it will all work out and be for the … [Read more...]

It could make me a better cook?

Very soon like hopefully next month soon, I want to start back to college to finish getting my degree. It has become my ultimate goal at this point and to get it done, and then make sure my kids go when they are old enough. So my decided major is to finish getting my teaching degree and I have decided that to leave my options open I would do a degree plan that would allow me to teach from Early … [Read more...]