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Skull Knee High Socks!

What can I say? I love knee high socks.  I went to Target for the first time in forever yesterday and I found these. And they impossible to pass up because they had skulls on them. Honestly I could have done without the green skull on them but whatever they are still awesome as hell.  And my calf looks kinda awesome and all in this picture. And even though they are Halloween themed I will probably … [Read more...]

So Very Excited To Share!

As I hope my readers have noticed, I have a countdown going on to the right in my sidebar and in about 10 days or so of writing this post my very own OpenSky shop will be ready for business. What I love about it is I choose what products I want to sell in my shop and you can rest assured that they will be products that I love and use. So expect to see some pretty cool and awesome … [Read more...]

I have to have a Nintendo DSi XL

We actually just got one for Wes for his birthday and I have to say, I LOVE IT! For the little bit of time that he actually let me play with it, I immediately demanded that they get me one for Christmas. I like that it had an internet browser, the bigger screens, and of course the two cameras with the ability to upload pictures to your Facebook account. And that was all before I actually got to … [Read more...]