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Do it yourself home improvement…..

In today's economy a lot of us including myself try to take care of things ourselves. For example today I was talking about doing a car repair myself because it would be fairly simple and cost a lot less than paying a repair shop for the work. So since I am not above doing car repair myself I am not above doing a little home improvement. I know personally I would rather not do plumbing repair but … [Read more...]

Crafting Memories

Truthfully, I may not be the best crafter in the world but  I have fun crafting. To me crafting brings back memories of when I was a child  and frequently made things and “crafted” with my grandmother. She had tons of  things that we could make and was always finding something new for us to do. And  while my own children do have a grandmother that is very similar to mine, she  even has a whole … [Read more...]