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Spaghetti Tacos are actually really good

The boys and I were in the grocery store a couple of days ago and we passed by an advertisement by a popular pasta sauce brand for spaghetti tacos. I have to admit that I was intrigued on what they would taste like and the boys are boys and mix all of their food up anyway so we decided that we would give them a try. And try them we did: The spaghetti tacos were fun and easy to make. … [Read more...]

Long John Silver’s Hush Puppies Recipe

I was craving some Long John Silver's Hush Puppies and took the web to find a recipe to try. This recipe was really easy to make and I actually had all of the ingredients on hand so that made it even better. Everyone did like though, I sort of feel like it could have used a little more flavor. If I try the recipe again I will have to figure out what it was missing first to give them that extra bit … [Read more...]