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China Glazes: The Hunger Games Capital Colours Collection!

Okay so I know China Glaze's The Hunger Games CollectionCapital Colours nail polish came out a week ago and I was excited about it but I wasn't able to get to Sally's until today. And I can honestly say I wish I would have gotten out sooner to get some of this polish. I only got 4 of the shades today but I cannot wait to get the other 8 shades since there are 12 total. I picked up the shades … [Read more...]

I have to have a Nintendo DSi XL

We actually just got one for Wes for his birthday and I have to say, I LOVE IT! For the little bit of time that he actually let me play with it, I immediately demanded that they get me one for Christmas. I like that it had an internet browser, the bigger screens, and of course the two cameras with the ability to upload pictures to your Facebook account. And that was all before I actually got to … [Read more...]