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Wordless Wednesday – I Love His Blue Eyes (Hal 6 years ago)

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Please Don’t Let This Be a Sign

Of how this year is going to be. It is only the second day of school and we already have our first note! And while I am a bit upset about it, I would be fooling myself if I didn't expect it at some point this year. But I am hoping it was just small stuff and maybe they were trying to point those things out early so they did not progress to bigger things throughout the year. They were … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – They Are Ready To Go!

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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Don’t Know Where To Start

It has been a long and surreal week so far. One of the highlights is I will be going back to college in the very near future to finish my teaching degree. That is so exciting to me and I can't wait to get started. But to make this happen I no longer have a job and it will be ok. It gives me more time to build my blog and to attend school. So it will all work out and be for the … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Can you see her?

*Please note that none of the stuffed animals were injured in the burying of the dog. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – They Don’t Believe Me About Bridge Trolls

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Wordless Wednesday -Help Me! This kid won’t let me go.

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Wordless Wednesday – Water Dance, Maybe I Think

(These pics were all taken back to back. And in hindsight a video would have been hilarious. Cause he was hopping around like crazy. My Silly Daredevil Boy this one is.) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Dirt Is Good!

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Wordless Wednesday – Mud Puddles, Best Fun Ever!

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