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My Warped Little Children

I know the sound isn't that great on this video, I was taking it with my cell phone while watching them play outside.  But you get the idea. One thing I am curious of is what in the world it is with kids and sticking their butts over water sprinklers? I know my youngest son does it a few times in the video, and I think the oldest does too. I think maybe it is a kid thing and they just be a little … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Hal's Block Wall

(My child is always taking my phone and camera and taking random pictures, here are a couple I found on my cell phone he had taken of his block barricade to his room, before and after shots) … [Read more...]

Are baby girls born with bows on their heads?

This had to be one of the best questions I have been asked by one of my kids ever. No idea where he got it from but it was really cute the way he asked it. So I am still on a Charmed kick and am currently in the middle of the fifth season and Hal has gotten a little bit into it here and there. I really just think my seven year old has his first celebrity crush on Alyssa Milano. He talk about her … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – It's Cuddle Time

[Read more...]

Not The Phone Call I Wanted From School

I work at home so 95% of the time I am readily available if I am needed for something for my boys. So ever once in a while when I get the call that either one of them is sick or Hal has yet gotten in trouble again it is usually easily handled either by going and getting said child or talking to the principal and Hal. And I name him out because in the 4 years my oldest has been to school I can … [Read more...]

Crazy Weather Here

I live in East Texas where it rarely ever snows, especially twice in a two week period. Sometimes we go years without there being any snowfall or sign of snow so it was kind of shocking that it snowed yet again this week. I mean the last time it snowed was a couple of years ago on Easter of all times of year. This place is usually known for almost being time for short sleeves and flip flops. I … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To My Baby (well sort of)

He may definitely not be a baby anymore and he is sure to let you know. But to me he will always be my little sweet baby. Today my Hal is turning 7 and it just leaves me in shock that my youngest is getting close to ten and double digits. It just shows how fast time can fly.  So here he is this morning eating his breakfast showing how adorable he is. … [Read more...]