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The Brave Woman Pledge! #CBias #BraveWoman

The Brave Woman pledge to me is important because it provides support to women who may not get support they need or may not be brave enough to come forward. I think that for the women who aren't brave that and all of the stories about women could help them get that bravery that they need to come forward. And that is why I am taking the Brave Woman pledge in 2012, because I want to … [Read more...]

It Seems To Be Getting Better

We started back in January getting my youngest help with ADHD and behavior problems. Honestly it should have been done a long time ago but I don't think his dad and myself would admit it quiet yet that he was worse than we could handle. More precisely than I could handle. I know that I have posted before frequently in the past about him not behaving or giving me trouble at bedtime, and we would … [Read more...]