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6 Easy-to-Make Valentine’s Day Cakes

‘Tis the season for chocolate, Cupid and whole lot of kissing! This year, share the love by making homemade sweet gifts for your special Valentine. While it is believed that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, women are certainly no exception. If you’re looking for  Valentine's Day dessert recipes that will delight your lover, these Valentine's Day cakes serve as the ideal … [Read more...]

Hello 2011

I am kinda of glad the New Year is here, it is like a brand new starting point in life. And I plan on making the best of it. I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head and it is high time I put them into action! I resolve to work my ass off and to no longer be a slacker and to complete all of the goals that I set for myself for 2011 and beyond. How are those for New Years … [Read more...]