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Do it yourself home improvement…..

In today's economy a lot of us including myself try to take care of things ourselves. For example today I was talking about doing a car repair myself because it would be fairly simple and cost a lot less than paying a repair shop for the work. So since I am not above doing car repair myself I am not above doing a little home improvement. I know personally I would rather not do plumbing repair but … [Read more...]

Paula’s Home Cooking Show is Simply Delightful!

Guest post of the week by Nestor Nielsen My favorite TV show that is based on baking is "Paula's Home Cooking". Thanks to satellite TV that I got after coming across this directtv Offers information, I can watch this on The Food Network Channel. Paula Deen is a beautiful lady with a great sense of humor! On the show, she shares recipes and ideas, while demonstrating the steps to create each … [Read more...]

Freaking Flying Beasts Tonight

Lately it has seemed like the wild has chosen to take refuge in our home other than our wildcat and crazy dog.  Yeah you can tell they are are kind of odd from their photo. So tonight like any normal night Jason is getting ready to go to work and I am corralling Wes and Hal for bedtime. When Jason calls me to help out with this bee that will not stay off of him. It was oddly not trying to sting … [Read more...]