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Checking Out Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls and KNOW Hunger Donation – #TysonBreakfast #CBias

I recently had the opportunity to go shop for the new Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls at Sam's Club. At Sam's I found them easily in the frozen foods department breakfast area. While I was there I picked up two boxes of Tyson Bacon Breakfast Bread Bowls one for my family to try for the first time and for KNOW Hunger so that I could donate it to a family in need.  What I chose to do was donate the … [Read more...]

Crafting Memories

Truthfully, I may not be the best crafter in the world but  I have fun crafting. To me crafting brings back memories of when I was a child  and frequently made things and “crafted” with my grandmother. She had tons of  things that we could make and was always finding something new for us to do. And  while my own children do have a grandmother that is very similar to mine, she  even has a whole … [Read more...]

Do you come from assassins?

Oh yes, that is what my kid was asked at the car pick up line this afternoon after school. And of course my kid just goes with it and says that yes he does come from assassins. Then he proceeded to say that the nearby kids started running and screaming. I somehow doubted that part happened like that. The kid totally knows better, he should have corrected the kid and said that no my mommy is a … [Read more...]

My Kid is Awesome

I usually have to fight tooth and nail to get both of my boys to go to bed on time. My youngest has gotten better but my older son has gotten kind of stubborn lately about bedtime though. Well tonight, I find him in bed actually an hour earlier than his normal bedtime. Immediately I am concerned and ask him if he is feeling ok. And the part I love is that he tells me that he wants to sleep so … [Read more...]

The Joke Is On Him, There Was No School Today

So all day yesterday I was looking forward to the boys going back to school today. So forward in fact that I had them in bathed and in bed by 8:30! But this is where the joke that I wasn't told about was on me. I found out that there was no school today and that it did not start until Tuesday! But I could deal with it, that means I get to sleep in one more. I am like the best ever at sleeping … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – Hide The Game Controllers?

By this weekend, I will most likely be childless and I guess you can say companionless. And my internet broadband will be down to crap. Yes, all because of Halo Reach, and it isn't even as if Master Chief is even in this one. But I will let them have their fun. Because I will also make them watch all 6, YES 6 seasons of Highlander on our Netflix instant view. I quite literally did a happy … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – They Are Ready To Go!

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Hard to believe he is 9 now!

Today my oldest boy turned 9, I know it isn't quite 10 or double digits yet.  But still it is still mind blowing that he is getting so big and old. I had a lot of fun today celebrating his birthday and I hope that he did too. Mostly because we did things somewhat differently this year. We actually started all of the celebrating at midnight. Yep we totally did. We actually didn't have his cake … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – As Random As I Want To Be

Somebody should stop me, I have been listening to hardcore and gangsta rap, and that just gives me all kinds of weird ideas. For example I have been considering posting all of my status messages on Twitter and Facebook as lyrics from Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle album (it is my most favorite rap album ever, and I don't listen to a lot of rap unless I just feel like it), but that could just get all … [Read more...]

It could make me a better cook?

Very soon like hopefully next month soon, I want to start back to college to finish getting my degree. It has become my ultimate goal at this point and to get it done, and then make sure my kids go when they are old enough. So my decided major is to finish getting my teaching degree and I have decided that to leave my options open I would do a degree plan that would allow me to teach from Early … [Read more...]