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Random Tuesday Thoughts – I Wanna Live A Teenage Dream

I have been obsessed with the song 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry for a while now. It kind of reminds me of when life was simpler and I miss that. But if you have not heard it here is the video you can check out. [] I am also thinking about starting a more focused mom blog and keeping this as a just about me and stuff I think is cool or like. I … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I Can’t Live Without!

 I can't remember if I had made this list before, but if I did I apologize. But who knows maybe it has changed some. I decided I would make a list of things that I would absolutely go crazy without. And yeah forgive me if some of the things are superficial. Wes and Hal! Cortana and I guess Peaches. Pizza and Chinese food. Books Good music. My Chi My blog Diet Dr. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – I So Rock!

Not so wordless this week. So I was home alone and playing Rockband and this is the kind of stuff that happens. I start to record myself and yet am too shy to post the videos.  It must have been bad though my audience turned her back on me. Happy Wordless Wednesday! But I think I got a pose down! … [Read more...]

It could make me a better cook?

Very soon like hopefully next month soon, I want to start back to college to finish getting my degree. It has become my ultimate goal at this point and to get it done, and then make sure my kids go when they are old enough. So my decided major is to finish getting my teaching degree and I have decided that to leave my options open I would do a degree plan that would allow me to teach from Early … [Read more...]