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A Pink Toboggan In The Middle Of Summer?

Seriously I am just going to blame it on the caffeine, otherwise people might totally think I was drinking. Which I was totally not. I promise. Anyway I made this little youtube vide while wearing a pink toboggan and giggling a whole lot while drinking a double shot. I think tonight I just make a video with this hat that my son has. I am such a dork I think it could be pretty awesome and … [Read more...]

I love these slippers

I had some free time this morning and visited Target this morning to basically window shop because I had no real purpose in going in. And one thing I can honestly say about Target is a lot of the time awesome stuff can be found on clearance. Today I found these pink skull slippers for only $3.50 and had to have them. It was Target so they had some other good deals on clearance but this was my … [Read more...]