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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Hot Weather Sucks!

I think I ready somewhere that this is now like the hottest recorded summer ever. I said I think, I read a lot of stuff so I don't remember for sure. But it sure as hell feels like it is. So hot that my ever determined to play outside 7 year old asked to leave the park this weekend.  I was shocked but did I question him? No! Not a chance that I would. I beat him to the car. I have … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – I So Rock!

Not so wordless this week. So I was home alone and playing Rockband and this is the kind of stuff that happens. I start to record myself and yet am too shy to post the videos.  It must have been bad though my audience turned her back on me. Happy Wordless Wednesday! But I think I got a pose down! … [Read more...]