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I may just need a tutor….

So I may have mentioned a time or two before but I did start going back to college in the Spring 2011 term. Since then I have spent the last year and half learning at a local junior college. Well my situation has changed and I have transferred to a four-year university a semester sooner than I had anticipated. That means a lot of things. For example learning how a new institution works, new … [Read more...]

Do you come from assassins?

Oh yes, that is what my kid was asked at the car pick up line this afternoon after school. And of course my kid just goes with it and says that yes he does come from assassins. Then he proceeded to say that the nearby kids started running and screaming. I somehow doubted that part happened like that. The kid totally knows better, he should have corrected the kid and said that no my mommy is a … [Read more...]

My Kid is Awesome

I usually have to fight tooth and nail to get both of my boys to go to bed on time. My youngest has gotten better but my older son has gotten kind of stubborn lately about bedtime though. Well tonight, I find him in bed actually an hour earlier than his normal bedtime. Immediately I am concerned and ask him if he is feeling ok. And the part I love is that he tells me that he wants to sleep so … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – First Day And Already Homework

Not so wordless today. This is my smarty boy, he thinks that if he gets all of his homework done in the car that it will give him more time to play World of Warcraft when we get home. Though I do have to say he is right, if he has it all done and no chores he does get to play. And since he has always done so well in school I let him go for it. … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Let This Be a Sign

Of how this year is going to be. It is only the second day of school and we already have our first note! And while I am a bit upset about it, I would be fooling myself if I didn't expect it at some point this year. But I am hoping it was just small stuff and maybe they were trying to point those things out early so they did not progress to bigger things throughout the year. They were … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – Don’t Know Where To Start

It has been a long and surreal week so far. One of the highlights is I will be going back to college in the very near future to finish my teaching degree. That is so exciting to me and I can't wait to get started. But to make this happen I no longer have a job and it will be ok. It gives me more time to build my blog and to attend school. So it will all work out and be for the … [Read more...]

Not The Phone Call I Wanted From School

I work at home so 95% of the time I am readily available if I am needed for something for my boys. So ever once in a while when I get the call that either one of them is sick or Hal has yet gotten in trouble again it is usually easily handled either by going and getting said child or talking to the principal and Hal. And I name him out because in the 4 years my oldest has been to school I can … [Read more...]