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Whenever I Am At Sam’s Club

I go to Sam's Club fairly often mostly because my sister sells cancer there and J is an overnight TL there. So we shop there and everything. However when I am shopping there I like to tell people that I am at the 'Club', it just sounds so much cooler than hey I am a mom spending way too much money on food for my kids. When I say club it makes people think: "Hell yeah, I wish I was her, she is out … [Read more...]

I love these slippers

I had some free time this morning and visited Target this morning to basically window shop because I had no real purpose in going in. And one thing I can honestly say about Target is a lot of the time awesome stuff can be found on clearance. Today I found these pink skull slippers for only $3.50 and had to have them. It was Target so they had some other good deals on clearance but this was my … [Read more...]

Wearing Scrubs To Work Would Be Pretty Awesome

Lately I have gotten the bug to watch different medical shows some semi dramatic and more serious like Grey's Anatomy and others that funny like Scrubs. I am pretty much addicted to them. I have discovered though that the more I watch the more I would love a job where I can wear scrubs and look all comfortable like they do. Though on the TV shows they are wear plain blue scrubs but I like that … [Read more...]

Let Me Find A Good Tree

I will just upfront that the the moral of this is don't say something smartass to me without thinking you won't get a smartass reply back. Seriously. I don't kid about this. What happened is we got into the car this afternoon with no clear destination, we were just going to town. I start to pull out of the driveway and then we have this conversation: Me: Ok, where do you want to go? J: … [Read more...]