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Aquaphor Review and Giveaway w/ $50 Visa Gift Card! #giveaway

My youngest child is the kind of kid who loves to play outside and so he often gets dry skin that is sensitive and easily irritated. So the opportunity to try Aquaphor Healing Ointment was perfect to use on his skin. It helped heal up where his skin was irritated and was especially perfect because quite frankly the child can be a bit dangerous and often has skinned knees and legs. We also tried … [Read more...]

To suffer through allergies or not? #thedifferenceisclear

Are you a seasonal allergy sufferer? I know that I am and if I don't take something great for them my day can be totally consumed by them. And while my allergies can get messy and frustrating, I almost fell like the woman in Brooke Burke-Charvet's outrageous short film with Claritin which shows a day in the life of an allergy sufferer who takes her Claritin and one who does not. Please check it … [Read more...]

Do it yourself home improvement…..

In today's economy a lot of us including myself try to take care of things ourselves. For example today I was talking about doing a car repair myself because it would be fairly simple and cost a lot less than paying a repair shop for the work. So since I am not above doing car repair myself I am not above doing a little home improvement. I know personally I would rather not do plumbing repair but … [Read more...]

Saving with Coupon Codes

I have probably said it a time or two. I love to save money when I shop online with coupon codes. So much so that I usually shop around for the best deal and try to find a code before I make a purchase. Especially if it is something expensive. And I do this because as a parent I want to save all the money that I can. I have college to pay for in the future, electronics to buy, and school clothes. … [Read more...]

Painters Paint Markers Customized Backpack #ExpressYourself #CBias

With the end of the year coming up the school year is full of so many events and field trips. And with two boys it gets hard to keep up with bags and everything since it is such a busy time. Well I was given the mission to do a project with Elmer's Painters Paint Markers so I decided to customize a backpack for Hal. The firs thing I did was go to my local Walmart to pick up Elmer's Painters … [Read more...]

Saving with Coupons with

Are you looking to find or share a deal? Well is your solution. And this site is perfect or people like you and me who do not have the time to search every single site on the web for the best deals. That way when I am shopping for the next electronic device that I need or even school clothes for my kids in a couple of months I can just stop by and do a search for what I am … [Read more...]

Green rug cleaning service

If there is one thing that I do not like to do besides wash the dishes it is cleaning my carpets and with pets and kids it is an endless task that HAS to be done. It is also a time consuming task because there are the carpets and then there are the rugs that are lying around. Well if you in New York city rug cleaning just got a bit easier with Green Choice which is a New York City rug cleaning … [Read more...]

When looking for the best loan rates

Sometime in the future I hope to start looking for a loan for a home. The boys and I are going to be looking for our own home and I hope to get great loan rates and find great information on finances. But there are so many things that go into looking for a loan and getting the best rates. For example the economy and the housing market will go into getting great loan rates as well has what my … [Read more...]

Small appliance love

Saving money has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been thinking about different ways to help me save money and to do more things myself. Getting a couple of new small appliances and doing some things myself may help me to save a bit of money. For example I wonder if getting a juicer would help and provide my family with a more healthy alternative than some store bought juices. I do actually … [Read more...]

Keeping up with Chores with, an online chore chart was designed to teach young people the concept of responsibility, work ethic and the value of money by giving them a way to earn points for completing their chores. The free site has always offered a way for young users to ‘spend’ their points on rewards they want, ‘share’ what they earn with a chosen charity, or to ‘save’ for the future.” Kids are able to … [Read more...]