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Tips for Spicing up a Party with Farm Rich! #FarmRichSnacks

I was in a class today at the college I attend and the teacher had mentioned that she had taken her blood pressure medicine earlier and somehow we got to talking about spicy foods. That of course made me go on about how I am totally addicted with to buffalo sauce. Seriously I eat it with nearly everything. My instructor also said that she had heard that eating spicy foods helped keep blood … [Read more...]

Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Test Drive #CrestSponsored

Truthfully I am not very fond of going to the dentist, I only do when I have to. But there is just one thing that I do like about going to the dentist and it is that clean feeling you have in your mouth after a cleaning. And to keep up that clean feeling for as long as I can I brush after every meal and snack even though that is probably a bit overkill. So I was a bit thrilled to recently try … [Read more...]

Keeping Home Safe While Away

Going on vacation during the summer can be a lot more difficult than it sounds, particularly for families with young kids. Of course, you always want to show your kids fun and interesting experiences, and summer vacations are very memorable for young children. However, it is never quite as simple as it may seem in advance to simply pack up and leave town for a fun week away. Not only do you have … [Read more...]

Wearing Old Navy Best Tees

As a mom, blogger, and college student on the go there isn't anything that I love more than being comfortable. But of course I want to look great while I am comfortable as well. And truthfully because I am a mom sometimes jeans and tees are my fashion staple. Because of this I am an Old Navy addict. Old Navy jeans are my favorite especially the Flirt jeans but recently I got to try out a new … [Read more...]

Shopping for Caviar

I will be honest and say that I have never ate caviar before or even considered eating any. Truthfully I am just not big on fish or seafood in general. Honestly though caviar intrigues me. I have discovered that there are many different types available such as beluga caviar. Beluga caviar is said that if you are having a fabulous party or engagement party that it should be on the menu. And because … [Read more...]

Beautiful wedding dresses

While I am not on the lookout to get married one of my closest friends is and I love looking at all the wedding sites.  And even though it is not my wedding and I have never planned a wedding all the different aspects are kind of overwhelming to hear about. There are all kinds of things that go into weddings such as locations, catering, invitations, who will be officiating the ceremony. My … [Read more...]

Checking Out Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls and KNOW Hunger Donation – #TysonBreakfast #CBias

I recently had the opportunity to go shop for the new Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls at Sam's Club. At Sam's I found them easily in the frozen foods department breakfast area. While I was there I picked up two boxes of Tyson Bacon Breakfast Bread Bowls one for my family to try for the first time and for KNOW Hunger so that I could donate it to a family in need.  What I chose to do was donate the … [Read more...]

Tips for traveling with little ones

Suggestions for Traveling with Little Ones One of the big challenges with traveling with the family is that you break out of your normal routine and are put into new situations you might not be familiar with. We recently welcomed an addition into our lives and while we haven't taken any major trips just yet, we're waiting for him to turn one before making our first big trip to visit extended … [Read more...]

My sort of odd TV obsession

I admit it I am kind of addicted to watching those Investigation Discovery shows about crimes that people have committed. Like the one called "I almost Got away with it" and my favorite "Deadly Women." about women who have done things that we usually think of men doing. I think that I mostly watch the shows for the unbelievable shock factor that people would actually do the things that they … [Read more...]

Preserving lifes memories

My kids will have no lack of childhood memories when they grow up. Seriously I save everything from their baby teeth to pictures of them covered in mud. Those embarrassing mud pictures are because I must have something to show future girlfriends and wives and well they are absolutely adorable. I have dance videos too. The dance videos are for special occasions like when they get married. … [Read more...]