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Fable III Money Making With Me

It took me a while but I finally got Fable III and have been playing it for hours and hours and trying to make money. It is addictive and fun and you get to start out as a Princess or even a Prince if that is your thing.  And like most video games you have to make money to survive and do things in the game. Well I do have to say I have come up with the most full proof money making scheme in video … [Read more...]

I have to have a Nintendo DSi XL

We actually just got one for Wes for his birthday and I have to say, I LOVE IT! For the little bit of time that he actually let me play with it, I immediately demanded that they get me one for Christmas. I like that it had an internet browser, the bigger screens, and of course the two cameras with the ability to upload pictures to your Facebook account. And that was all before I actually got to … [Read more...]