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Wordless Wednesday – Mommy Abuse!

(Yeah he was trying to beat me up as I took the picture! The nerve! Doesn't he know I make his breakfast, lunch and dinner!) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – First Day And Already Homework

Not so wordless today. This is my smarty boy, he thinks that if he gets all of his homework done in the car that it will give him more time to play World of Warcraft when we get home. Though I do have to say he is right, if he has it all done and no chores he does get to play. And since he has always done so well in school I let him go for it. … [Read more...]

Hard to believe he is 9 now!

Today my oldest boy turned 9, I know it isn't quite 10 or double digits yet.  But still it is still mind blowing that he is getting so big and old. I had a lot of fun today celebrating his birthday and I hope that he did too. Mostly because we did things somewhat differently this year. We actually started all of the celebrating at midnight. Yep we totally did. We actually didn't have his cake … [Read more...]

My Kid Can Totally Milk a Big Plastic Cow!

Heck yeah he can! With the best of them! And this picture totally proves it. Totally better than your kid can. Ah, maybe he can maybe he can't. Not that anyone can actually milk a plastic cow with fake udders, but you know my kid would rock at it. He would just pretend it is some kind of video game. Yeah that's what he would do. Anyway this picture was taken at his field trip that we had the … [Read more...]