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The Best Dogs Breeds for Home Protection

If you’re worried about being burgled or having your home threatened or broken into, then you should think about getting a guard dog. They are brilliant at protecting their human masters as they are furiously loyal creatures – unlike those horrible little feline things. A little Chihuahua might not exactly be enough to scare away a burglar (although they would make a lot of noise, which might deter one). Chihuahua is out of the question, so what dogs would make a good guard dog? Well, I’m glad you asked, as it just so happens that I have a list here waiting to go.

There are 5 things to look out for in a guard dog and they are:

  • Courage
  • Resistance to Pain
  • Loyalty
  • Temperament
  • Physical Strength

Now here are my favourite guard dogs

  1. Rottweiler

And if you’ve ever seen The Omen then you will already know how good these animals are at stopping intruders. They were originally bred to defend cattle from anything that meant them harm and so they are littler bred to protect. Rottweilers are quick learners and mistrust strangers until they get acquainted and learn that they aren’t a threat.

  1. German Shepard

This writer’s personal favourite. They are one of the more beautiful guard dog breeds. German Sheperds are known for being extremely loyal and fearless creatures. As you know they make excellent police dogs as they are extremely intelligent and can learn commands very quickly. You do not want an angry German Sheperd running towards you … trust me.

  1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

As well as sounding like a dragon from Harry Potter these guys were originally bred to hunt lions … I just want to repeat that: they were originally bred to hunt lions. Lions! As in those big scary things that eat and kill everything in their path. I don’t think I really need to add anything to this except imagine a lion killer protecting your home.

  1. Staffordshire Terrier (Staffy)

Now, don’t be fooled by their size. Yes, Staffys may well be small. But they are bred for fighting bears and bulls. While the Ridgeback is taken down a lion, these little guys would be fighting off a bear with one paw and a bull with the other. They make brilliant pets if handled properly from a young age, but when protecting a member of their family they can, and will, be ferocious.

That’s my top four guard dogs. Now, if you have little kids say, and don’t feel comfortable with a big scary dog in the house, then may I suggest getting a watchdog, instead. They won’t protect you but they will make a ruckus if someone tries to break in. Dogs to consider are:

  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Shih Tzu
  • Poodle
  • Dachshund

Obviously don’t just rely on your dog as you will need to make sure your house is properly secured. If you are worried see the locksmiths or a security consultancy company to see if they can be of assistance in protecting your home.

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