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The cheat’s guide to cleaning the family home

Cleaning is an unending, thankless, and utterly boring task, but it also happens to be pretty essential if you’re keen to keep an orderly home. Regardless of whether you’re a stay at home mom or dad, happen to work from your spare bedroom, or spend your days at the office, the chances are you’ll still never have enough time to clean; modern life is simply too busy to dedicate to chores, after all. Luckily, though, contemporary living also happens to have thrown a few cheats and handy hints our way – it’s time to get creative with your cleaning. Before you begin cleaning you will want to make sure you by a Dymo label printer so you can label where everything is going to go as you start cleaning and organizing.

Easy cleaning ideas for you and your home

Freshen up: No, not you – your home. If you haven’t got time to conduct a full deep clean try giving your home a quick freshen up. Shake rugs, plump pillows, take a damp cloth to problematic areas, and squirt a little air freshener if you’re looking for a quick fix. Your home will feel much cleaner, and you’ll be able to get on with things that are more important.

Be creative with clutter: One of the simplest ways to keep a clean and tidy home is to banish the clutter, which may be taking over your sides or gathering dust. Invest in a storage unit for each room and be sure to pop toys, utensils, stationery, or other items in each drawer before bed. This method of tidying up will take mere seconds, as well as making it much easier to clean your home.

Prioritize: These days it can be difficult to commit to cleaning your entire home every day, or even bi-weekly. Instead, create a planner and stick to it. For example, try bathrooms on a Monday and Friday, the kitchen on a Wednesday, and bedrooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No matter how you decide to organize your time, you’ll feel much more content knowing that your home’s cleanliness is under control.

Carpet cleaning: The chances are your carpets will dominate your home, and they can be one of the most difficult jobs to tackle. While vacuuming every day is a great way to keep on top of general mess and dirt, it can often take a little more elbow grease to get your carpets REALLY clean. Try sprinkling, and then vacuuming, scented talc or purpose-bought carpet freshener to ensure your rooms smells beautiful. Meanwhile, thoroughly cleaning your carpets once a month should prevent them from becoming too grimy – if you want to cheat and use a professional company, such as Carpet Cleaning Ottawa, we certainly won’t judge you!

Clean as you go: If you want to prevent the type of cleaning operation that would make a drill sergeant weep it’s essential to keep on top of everything. If you notice that a particular corner is getting a little dusty or have become tired of walking past the same pile of papers, do something about it. You’d be surprised how much time you’ll save if you aim to do little, yet often.

Make the most of resources: Cleaning does not need to involve an entire trolley dedicated to specialist products or expensive sponges and fixtures. In fact, it’s possible for your home to sparkle using a few select items that you’ll find lying around your home. Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, coffee, essential oils and aloe, regular laundry detergent, and even plain old water can all be used to make effective cleaning products. Not only will you save yourself a fortune, but you can also take comfort from the fact you’re reducing your home’s impact on the environment.

Let’s face it; you’re too busy to spend every day cleaning and tidying up after your family. However, that doesn’t mean that you should resign yourself to living in a hovel either. By applying a few sneaky cheats to your daily routine, you can, and will, achieve a home to be proud of. You may even have a few hints and tips of your own, that you’d be willing to share with similarly savvy minded individuals – sharing is caring, remember!

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