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The Joke Is On Him, There Was No School Today

So all day yesterday I was looking forward to the boys going back to school today. So forward in fact that I had them in bathed and in bed by 8:30!

But this is where the joke that I wasn’t told about was on me. I found out that there was no school today and that it did not start until Tuesday! But I could deal with it, that means I get to sleep in one more. I am like the best ever at sleeping in. If I didn’t have  kids and it was a contest, I could win hands down!

Well nobody told the kids that there was no school today so around 8:00 this morning. Wes comes running and yelling that we were going to be late. He was also fully dressed and ready to go.

Kind of hate to tell him but we were already beyond late for school.

So I mumble from deep within my nice cover cocoon to go get undressed and go back to bed.

He was so worried about school, and was mad because I didn’t tell him that I found out that they do not go back for one more day.

And now late into the afternoon after I finished getting my extra sleep it is damn funny.

It also teaches me a valuable lesson as well. Wes sure as hell can get his on rear up and ready for school in the mornings!

{If I hadn’t been so tired I quite possibly would have gotten out of bed and got a picture of him, but sleep was just too good to pass up}

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  1. How funny. Wish we hadn’t started today. 🙁

  2. The Joke Is On Him, There Was No School Today –

  3. mama, this is absolutely hilarious…and brilliant.

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