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Things are always changing

I think I have went through more life changes in the last 10-12 years than any point in my life. I turned 20, and then later I turned 30. I also had two children and got married and divorced. And along with all of those life changes there have been more ups and downs than I thought I could have ever experienced in my life.

Way more than I like to think about. Honestly I hate to think about all the emotional changes I have went through. Other than one where I developed an unconditional love for my children.

But with all of these changes I talk about complicated or not, I am having to move residences in the next month and I hope that this will be one of those easy changes and times to adapt for both myself and the children.  We shall see though and hopefully in the end we find a home big enough for all of our belongings and in the event that we are not able to I guess I will be calling to get self storage with Lok’nStore.

I just really hope this next phase and moving into a new home is a welcome and pleasant change for us.

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