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This is my pyramid mom, now quit taking my picture – Wordless Wednesday

I caption this one: This is my pyramid Mom, now quit taking my pictures. This is a shot from Wesley’s class presentation on Ancient Egypt. Look for a full post on everything and check out their mummified chickens, yes that’s right mummified chickens.

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  1. LOL – yeah, he’s definitely not amused at the picture taking.

  2. LOL, he just looks like he’s ready for it to be over with 😉

  3. haha! Its funny how they go from being big cheeseballs in front of a camera to being too cool for it.

  4. OMG LOL perfect caption! What a cutie 🙂

  5. Sounds very interesting and mummified chickens!!! wow!

  6. Ha! My kids do the same thing, especially my son. He can ruin a picture so fast. 🙂

  7. I’m intrigued by mummified chickens. Cute picture!

  8. Can we get this over with mom? Too funny.

  9. LOL! He does look irritated. I am sure I will get that look more and more over the next few years!

  10. Yeah, once they get that big, they are too cool for mom’s pictures lol.

  11. My sons feel the same way!

  12. he must know my nephew! The expression is exactly the same!

  13. my 2 year old is already starting to give me attitude like that.

  14. Yup, that is the “look” perfect caption, LOL!

  15. LOL…my boys do the same thing when I pull out a camera.

  16. You have such a cute son and that pyramid looks great. Sounds like he’s doing great stuff in school.

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