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Trying to get the Christmas Spirit

This year I have had the most difficult time getting into the Christmas Spirit. I have bought presents, put up a tree, watched Christmas episodes of favorite TV shows. Glee anyone? But I have just been feeling so blah about it all.

And it didn’t help that for some reason this year there seemed to be no room for our gigantic 7.5 foot Christmas tree or the fact that it is the kind you have to put together and our three cats take turns wreaking havoc all over it. And they were not very nice at all about it. I mean I was putting it back together several times a day, EVERYDAY!  And they have even broke the lights so I have been putting off putting new lights on the tree. Well I went to Walmart this morning to purchase party supplies for the kids school parties tomorrow. Yay! I get to make finger sandwiches tonight.

And I decided to give in and buy a new strand of lights, but the cute purple, pink, and blue 3.5 foot Christmas trees caught my eye. And then I decided to hell with it! They were only $20 and the cats couldn’t climb them and the lights were already on. Making it such a great idea!

So of course since I am the only female human in my home I would have been in trouble if I had not picked anything besides the blue, so that is just what I did.

I even got some cute new Blue and Silver Ornaments and am giving the giant monstrosity of a tree away. And after I cleaned up and put the presents around it, I honestly felt like I was into the Christmas spirit some and am sort of excited about it now.

Also I got this adorable ornament and love it because I love to Sparkle!

Hopefully the boys will love when they get home! If they don’t well it was nice knowing all of you!

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  1. Nancy Bowers says:

    Christmas for me is about giving and it is interesting that you began to feel the christmas spirit around the same time you GAVE your old tree away?

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