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Unique Wedding Venues to Delight Your Future Spouse

Planning a wedding often only seems like fun until you actually start looking at all the details. You need to choose the right type of food, a theme, gifts for your wedding party and your clothing.  You also need to get the right flowers, and the best things to do is to buy flowers online. The first thing you need to decide on is where you want to get married. While you can take the same path that millions of couples did in the past and exchange vows in a local church, you can delight your future spouse and all your guests with a wedding in a completely unique and one of a kind venue.

National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to a number of different attractions and things to do, but one attraction that keeps visitors coming back year after year is the National Corvette Museum. This museum houses one of the largest and most unique collections of Corvettes in the entire world. If you or your partner love cars, you can actually get married in the museum. The museum also has its own Victory Lane and offers couples the chance to exchange vows in this part of the museum for free as long as you plan your wedding on the day it offers this option.

Battleship North Carolina

Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, the Battleship North Carolina saw a lot of action over the years it spent in service. It sees even more service today as a private venue. You can actually rent the entire warship for your wedding celebration. Exchange vows with your spouse and then stick around for the reception. While the cost of renting the entire boat might be a little much for your budget, you may have the option of renting another docked ship for just a few hours for much less.

Treehouse Pointe

If you love nature and the great outdoors, you won’t find a better wedding venue than Treehouse Point in Washington. Located just a short drive from Seattle, you and your guests can easily stay downtown or in another part of the city and drive over for your wedding day. This hidden gem sits inside a large forest with plenty of trees, plants and vegetation growing wild. The treehouse itself is also available as a rental. You can stay there the night before your wedding or celebrate your honeymoon in the private treehouse.

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House is easily one of the most gorgeous historic resorts in the entire country. Located in upstate New York, the resort is popular with tourists and locals because it offers daily activities for guests and nightly events for those who stay the night. You can opt for an indoor wedding in the elegant resort or an outdoor wedding surrounded by the trees and nature. The resort also offers plenty of rooms for you, your wedding party and all your guests. Looking at the Mohonk Mountain House profile and other profiles online can help you decide which unique venue is right for you. Regardless of which venue you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable wedding.

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