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When it’s time to get back out in the dating game?

You guys remember when you were nineteen or twenty and it was so easy to find a date. And back then it was so easy to get ready as well. But sometimes life happens and you get tossed back out there and everything is so different. Expectations are different, getting ready rituals are different and honestly your body changes.


In my situation I was thrown back out there at thirty two after having been in a relationship since I was twenty. Kids were a part of the equation and then things had changed. My body was different (kids will do that) and my confidence was shot.


To boost my confidence I have considered a lot of different things. One is laser hair removal to get rid of hard to manage body hair. Because besides with kids around you sometimes just don’t have the time shave your legs like you used to when you were twenty.  So laser hair removal does wonders for self-esteem and making it easier to date with kids.


Cool sculpting is also a really cool thing to consider. Because let’s face it after kids or even with age, most of our bodies are what they used to be. I love to think of these awesome techniques that give you a boost.  Seriously, don’t we all dream of losing that muffin top? I know I do, losing those can be the most stubborn thing ever.


And then of course to cut down on those awkward encounters caused by a youthful indiscretion there is always laser tattoo removal. I mean who would want to have to explain why the name Bubba or Jim Bob are on their body. Honestly I don’t think of anyone with those names tattooed on them, but wouldn’t it be funny? I’m kidding we all did silly things when we were young. Some are just more outrageous than others.


Really though? As a busy mom on the go, the idea of laser hair removal would be a dream come true.  No maintenance or fuss……now I’m dreaming.



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