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Whenever I Am At Sam’s Club

I go to Sam’s Club fairly often mostly because my sister sells cancer there and J is an overnight TL there. So we shop there and everything. However when I am shopping there I like to tell people that I am at the ‘Club’, it just sounds so much cooler than hey I am a mom spending way too much money on food for my kids. When I say club it makes people think: “Hell yeah, I wish I was her, she is out having some fun.”

Though in hindsight that  line of thinking makes me sound like an alcoholic who is at the club at 11 a.m. drinking a little too early to say “it is 5 o’clock somewhere”.

Maybe I will just start going to the ‘Club’ a little later, like right before it is time to pick up the kids from school. You know because that doesn’t look bad at all.

I did go shopping yesterday at Sam’s Club and it was before noon and yes I spent a little too much, but I just had to share this stack of awesome that they had available:

Of course I did have to buy a case of this glorious most awesome Starbuck’s Vanilla Frappuccino. It is like the best stuff ever next to chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper.

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  1. When you refer to the “mostly because my sister sells cancer” <– do you mean she sells cigarettes or something? I'm a bit lost, although honestly I've never looked for 'cancer' in the aisles of my local Sam's Club….

  2. Nothing is better than Dr. Pepper, but it’s nice to know something comes close!

  3. LOL @Tammy! I was wondering if it was typo or something at first and then I remembered they sold cigs so I figured that was it 😉

  4. Ha ha! I was wondering about the my sister sells cancer there too LMAO

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