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Which Is Better for Reducing Wrinkles, Juvederm or Botox?

No one is happy with those lines that begin appearing on the face as we begin to grow older. Unfortunately, those tiny lines and unsightly wrinkles are not only indicative of age, but can also be related to damage caused by UV radiation and the elements. If you are worried about your appearance and how those lines make you appear older, there are skin products and treatments that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tiny lines. You have probably heard of two of the leading treatments, Juvederm and Botox. If you are wondering which is better, the following information might help.

How Are They Formulated?

The first thing you should try to learn about is what each of those products is formulated with. Understanding the difference can be a bit difficult without this information. Actually, Juvederm is a compound of hyaluronic acids while Botox is the botulism toxin which has been extremely diluted. Many people fear Botox because they hear the word ‘botulism’ and immediately think they are going to get sick. Actually, Botox has been used within the medical profession for more than 35 years, so your fears can be assuaged.

How Are Juvederm and Botox Applied?

Both Juvederm and Botox are applied through an injection by a licensed professional such as Your Laser Skin in Southern California. Tiny needles insert the products just under the skin, plumping it out to radically decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Women living in areas that get a huge amount of sun annually tend to look for skin treatments earlier than those living in northern climates. Los Angeles Juvederm treatments are quite popular simply because of the damage UV radiation does over time when constantly exposed.

Which Lasts Longer, Juvederm or Botox?

Unfortunately, this isn’t actually the question you should be asking. Why? Because they are typically used for different applications on the face. Juvederm reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and forehead while Botox is typically injected to soften much deeper creases like frown lines and crow’s feet. Juvederm tends to last a bit longer, for approximately six months while Botox typically lasts 90 days or more. It is wise to plan treatments accordingly.

Do Either of Them Pose a Greater Danger of Side Effects?

It is always advisable to talk to your doctor to see if there is any danger of side effects based on your current health and any allergies you may have. However, the most common ‘side effect’ is a bit of initial redness and swelling. Juvederm ‘may’ on rare occasions lump up a bit, but there is a quick and easy fix for that. An enzyme can be injected to disperse the hyaluronic acids, which are nothing more than proteins already existing in the body anyway!

Which is better? Both are quite effective and found to be safe. Mostly it depends on the level of wrinkling as Botox tends to take care of deeper creases while Juvederm eradicates finer lines. The best advice would be to talk to the doctor or treatment center you will be using to find which product is recommended for you.

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