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Who else is dreading Back to School Shopping?

I have no idea why but for some reason I am just feeling so intimidated by it.

And it is not as if I it is my first year, it is my fifth year of buying school supplies for my own kids. But for some reason the thought of it is feeling very ominous right now.

I will get over it though I suppose. And despite my dread I have decided that I am not going to be one those parents that at about a week to a few days before school starts will be rushing around trying to get everything.

Nope not me, I may be dreading it, but I already have my ads for this week all marked up on stuff I can get on sale.

Is there anyone else out there feeling the same way?

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  1. oh gosh, I’m dreading it too.. this is the first year all 3 of mine will be in school.. uniform shopping is going to be hell!

  2. I just printed out my list and I’m way dreading it. It totally snuck up on me this year… only one more week before school starts, so I guess I’ll go this weekend to beat the crowd next week!

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