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Why You Should Consider an Identity Theft Protection Service

Why You Should Consider an Identity Theft Protection Service

Identity theft is becoming a more prevalent and widespread problem these days. You likely hear about it in the news regularly, and you may even know someone personally who has had identity theft happen to them. It’s become such an issue that professional companies have popped up to help consumers deal with the problem. These businesses charge a fee to monitor and alert customers to the possibility that their identity is being used fraudulently. You may wonder if it is worth it to invest your money in a professional service to protect you from identity theft. It all depends on your level of risk and what you may have to lose should your identity be stolen. Here are some points to consider regarding the matter.


Some places where your credit information is used such as store databases, medical records and retailer websites are not accessible by protection services. Thus, you will need to depend on the merchant or service provider themselves to notify you of a breach in security. While no service is foolproof in preventing your identity from being stolen, these professional can alert you to suspicious activity in your credit report and elsewhere. The service will look for activities on your report like credit inquiries, address changes, new accounts and changes to existing credit balances. Knowing as quickly as possible that your identify has been compromised can save you a great deal of time and frustration. Fraud insurance is another added benefit to most protection service plans. If you do fall prey to identity thieves, you can rest assured that costs associated with a claim such as private investigators and legal fees will be covered. Depending on your personal needs, the cost varies. You can choose a level of protection that fits your personal situation.

Determining Your Risk

Those with impeccable or at least decent credit scores may be at risk for identity theft, as it would be easier for criminals to obtain credit in their names. So if you take pride in your high credit score, it may be worth it to you to invest in protection from having your identity stolen. Those with fair to low credit scores don’t have to worry as much. In addition, most credit cards come with some level of basic fraud protection that should cover these folks. In addition, if you have a large amount of assets, you are at risk of having your identity stolen. If you do fall victim, without identity protection, you could be held liable for the costs associated with fighting the fraud. Legal fees, court costs and investigation charges can become very expensive.

So if you have excellent credit that is worth stealing, and you want to protect your assets, investing in identity protection may be well worth the small cost associated. You will certainly appreciate not having to deal with the time and headache involved in fighting a case of identity theft. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

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