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Wii Fit Fitness Journal

I was one of the crazy people who actually went out and bought the Wii Fit the morning it came out, I had been dying for one since I had read about it.  Well I have bee kind of lazy about using it actually when I logged on this morning I hadn’t used in 26 days, yikes I know.  Well I am determined to lose this weight that I have gained since going back to working in call centers and at home 2 years ago. 

And hopefully this little baby will help me do it :
Wii Fit Journal

I got this at Best Buy this weekend the other thing I plan on getting as soon as I find another one is the Yoga Mat, I know, I know I could just buy a regular one but I want the Wii Fit one, I think it would be umm inspiring to have that one, I am silly I know this.  But anyway about the Journal I think that it could help me to hold myself accountable to actually filling it out and filling the book up, so we shall see how that goes.  I have put in a some new goals today and really want to achieve those.

So far today I have drank 3: 8 oz. glasses of water

done 15 min of aerobics, 3 mins of running (its been a while so I am building back up) and 20 of the jack knives.  Tommorow will be more aerobics and running and adding some yoga into it all.


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  1. Gotta stay in shape!

  2. pianohands says:

    How’s the book working out for you? What kind of stuff does it have you keep track of?
    I’m frustrated that the wii fit program doesn’t keep track of which specific exercises you’ve done so far that day.

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