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Wordless Wednesday – First Day And Already Homework

Not so wordless today. This is my smarty boy, he thinks that if he gets all of his homework done in the car that it will give him more time to play World of Warcraft when we get home. Though I do have to say he is right, if he has it all done and no chores he does get to play. And since he has always done so well in school I let him go for it.

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  1. One advantage to being a kitty… no homework for me!

  2. man, can’t even ease into school! Hope it’s a great year!

    • I know even my younger one had homework on the first day, this was my 4th grader. And he started in the car so he could have more fun at home. lol

  3. Hope he’s enjoying school, even with the homework!

  4. And he does it in the car on the way home. Smart kid!

  5. Wow and working on it in the car so impressed!

  6. We started Wednesday but no homework yet! He got in trouble twice for talking too much though. Wonder who he got that from? 😉

  7. Love how concentrated he is on his work! School starts next week for us, woohoo!

  8. Aw that’s no fun but smart boy for starting it in the car lol! We had our first day of Kindergarten today and already got in trouble for talking to much …lol.

    • Yeah he gets right to it and gets it done so that he can play games.

      The younger one like yours has also already gotten into trouble too like yours.

  9. Smart boy! at least he wants to get it done! I had one that would never bring it home or do it. and one that used homeroom & any other free time to get it done so he wouldn’t have any to bring home! LOL!

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